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Do I need an appointment?

We do not take appointments, so come in whenever we are open!

Are you Apple Authorized?

We were authorized from 2005 - November 2017, but we still repair Apple Products

What is the diagnostic fee?

The basic diagnostics are free but a detailed diagnostics with a quote is $75. This $75 is applied to the bill if you get the unit repair with us. If you have Apple Care and it is a warranty issue Apple will cover the repair. 

My unit boots to a flashing folder question mark, what do that mean?

Your computer cannot see the files needed to boot.

My unit boots to a spinning gear, what does that mean?

Your drive is having problems loading the files

Do you work on non-Apple computers?

Generally no, but it does depend on the issue.

My unit beeps 3 times and will not boot?

Your computer is having an issue reading the RAM

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