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Your local Apple Authorized Sales & Service Provider


Do I need an appointment?

We do not take appointments, so come in whenever we are open!

Are you Apple Authorized?

Yes, we have been authorized since 2005

Do you sell new or used Apple Computers?

All of our products are new! We also have a warehouse in Harrisburg so we can get most things two day!

What is the diagnostic fee?

The basic diagnostics are free but a detailed diagnostics with a quote is $75. This $75 is applied to the bill if you get the unit repair with us.  If you have Apple Care and it is a warranty issue Apple will cover the repair. 

My unit boots to a flashing folder question mark, what do that mean?

Your computer cannot see the files needed to boot.

My unit boots to a spinning gear, what does that mean?

Your drive is having problems loading the files

Do you work on non-Apple computers?

Generally no, but it does depend on the issue.

My unit beeps 3 times and will not boot?

Your computer is having an issue reading the RAM